When Dentists Work With Marketers Magic Happens

Most Dental Marketing Companies get the leads to the do, and then expect you to do the rest yourself. Too often Dental Marketing companies drive traffic, and don't set you up to succeed with your marketing efforts.

We act with Integrity. What does that mean? It means, we help to set up your site to convert any traffic that comes to it - be it organic or paid. We then set your front desk team up to convert those leads. Only then do we start to drive traffic.

The result: Higher closing rate, larger customer lifetime value, and a bigger Return on Investment for dentists.

Integrity Dental Marketing was formed by a chance meeting of Steve and Randy. Steve leading a Marketing Agency, and Randy a retired dentist who had sold his dental practice which had been consistently generating 7 figures annually. Randy was frustrated that there were so many dental marketing companies not serving dental clients effectively. As Steve and Randy explored partnerships Integrity Dental Marketing was born, and now IDM seeks to revolutionize the Dental Marketing Space, by offering complete training and Done For You Services throughout the Sales funnel.

Using a proprietary Customer Value Journey system, we work to ensure that dentists have a complete funnel from becoming aware of the dentist through to actively referring them to their friends and family. Not only do we build the funnel, we set up analytics to ensure that we can modify or "Plug" the leaks in the funnel.

Whether you want to learn to do what we do and implement it yourself, work with us to do it or have us handle all your marketing for you - we're a partner in your success, and your practice matters to us.

Here's to your success.

Steve and Randy

Our Locations

We are based in El Dorado Hills, California and have offices throughout the United States.