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When someone arrives to your website, you will only have a few seconds before they make a decision as to whether they will want to do business with you or not. During that first impression, prospective clients begin formulating an opinion based upon their perception of what they see on your website. Some of these factors include: esthetics, colors, ease of navigation, value of information, mobile responsiveness, ease of finding contact information and directions to the office.

There are many different elements that we consider before we create your website. During the design phase process, our team will interview you and look at your current marketing efforts and make recommendations and give guidance on a direction that will help pull all your marketing efforts together into one consistent campaign. Brand recognition means when they see your marketing elsewhere – either online or in print, the same font, the same tag lines the same company name, consistent color and overall look need to carry over.

This can cause inconsistency when you have one company designing your media, another one doing social media and another one doing your website. It’s important to keep things consistent.

Does your website stand out from the other dentists in your area? If you are using one of the several “template” companies, your look and your text will look just like the office down the street. The reason their websites are priced economically, is because they are REACTIVE rather than PROACTIVE. You pick from their stock photos or videos and unless you sit and write your own material, you will be reading the same text on 50-100 other websites across the country. Your website should focus on your unique services and demonstrate how you are different and a better option for them when your prospects are looking online for a dentist.

Improving the actual content on your webpage is a start. The way it is presented as well as integrating all the correct SEO fundamentals is the part that many website builders fall short. Having over 20-years’ experience, our designers are well-versed in the objectives and guidelines that will help put your website at the top of the searches.

Finally, your website needs to create TRUST, AUTHORITY, and be SECURE, so that potential clients will feel safe browsing your information or entering their data if looking to schedule an appointment.

Periodically, your website should have a make-over. Design styles change, technology advances, and there are more features to add to make your site user-friendly. If you haven’t given your website a make-over in 3-5 years, it’s probably time to do so. Your website should stay “fresh” and give people a reason to come back to it regularly to fully maximize the value of having a website. It is like a “living” brochure for your business.

When you are ready to have a professionally designed, custom-made website, contact Integrity Dental Marketing for a quote today!

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