When you think of the word “BRANDING”, what is the first thing you think of?

You may think of the Apple, Nike, or McDonald’s logos. Or you may think of the service you expect from Nordstrom’s or from a Mercedes dealership. As a small business person, you might think, you couldn’t afford to dump hundreds of thousands of dollars to create your own local brand.

Branding is everything you do. It’s your company name, your tagline, your fonts, it’s the photos associated with your marketing. It is reflected in your website, your social media, your print ads, your logo, your stationery and letterhead. This branding extends through to how people are greeted on the phones, the look of your reception area, your customer experience and much more.

When you have one person doing your logo, another doing your website, another creating your Yellow Page ad, and you don’t tie them all together, you lose the full potential of all your marketing efforts to create your brand.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands to be a celebrity in your own neighborhood. Here are a few things that you should consider when creating your brand:

· Does your current LOGO represent the caliber of patients you wish to attract?

· Have you chosen a palette of colors that are complimentary and fit your office décor and logo?

· Do you carry those same 2-3 colors through to all your marketing efforts and stationery and letterhead?

· Are you targeting a specific demographic – does your marketing appeal to them…have you tested it?

· Do you want to be seen as a 7-days a week, emergency care, high volume business model or a more personalized high-quality healthcare facility?

When you decide upon the business model you want to pursue, you need to instill that mentality into your employees. For instance, you wouldn’t accept a sloppy, messy-haired person chewing gum welcoming you at your local fine dining restaurant. Set your clients up for what they can expect at your company.

INTEGRITY DENTAL MARKETING can help you with BRANDING, whether you have a LOGO, a WEBSITE, or an idea, we have taken businesses and helped build them into million-dollar companies without breaking the bank.

If you need Graphics coaching, LOGO Design, Website Design, Social Media input, Marketing ideas, or layout ideas, we can help. If you need content written to back up your brand, we can help. If you staff training to help carry your brand through to your clients, yep, we can help with that too!

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