Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can be done in a number of ways. Using a list of 50 different criteria, we will optimize your website content and presentation such that your website organically ranks high on the search engines. Continually monitoring competition, keywords, and updating your office information will help keep your website relevant and at the top of the search engines.

SEO is and ongoing process that requires constant vigilance and updating. Depending upon your geographic location and targeted competition, some offices will need more attention than others to continually “tweak” and add content to keep your website high on the rankings. Because search engines are constantly changing the criteria that they use to continually present the best material to their viewers you can’t optimize your website once and let it sit idle for a few years.

If your website is not found in the first few pages when people search for your services, you most likely will feel that having a website is not useful. It’s not having a website that is useless, it’s the SEO done for and around that website that isn’t effective. Sometimes, people will focus too much on PPC ads and then when they stop spending money on advertising, their website ranking will drop. This is because they didn’t optimize their website in the first place to be easily searched and found by the search engines.

Numerous studies will prove that the average patient will look you up online BEFORE they pick up the phone to call your office these days. Unless they were referred directly to your office or website, this means that you need to make sure you can be easily found.

Our team are experts in digital marketing and SEO. We can and will raise your position on Google and other search engines. Don’t let your competition beat you out on those top spots. Our specialized software will make sure we identify what is pushing up your competition and we will have the upper hand to help make sure that you are always found near the top of the searches.

In addition to continually updating your website content we:

  • Make sure it views properly on all platforms
  • Make sure your site is mobile responsive
  • Use all the latest technology
  • Periodically check the page speed to make sure it is optimized
  • Continuously monitor your competitors
  • Ongoing optimization of keywords and original photos
  • Continually refine the tags, titles, and backlinks for maximum ranking
  • Add fresh material periodically
  • Provides you with a monthly report on analytics

Having a company that truly cares, has the technical expertise, and is proactive, are the primary reasons that we saw a need for creating this dental online marketing company in the first place. We are here for you! Contact Integrity Dental Marketing today to get your website optimized!

Our Locations

We are based in El Dorado Hills, California and have offices throughout the United States.