Pay Per Click - Google Ads

Using pay-per-click advertising is the fastest way to get your message in front of your potential qualified prospective market. You only pay when someone is interested in your specific keywords we are targeting, when they search for services your offer AND click on your ad.

The advantage of using PPC ads is that you can target specific demographics or localities and control your spending by doing a thorough competitor analysis, negative keyword analysis and track all your results on your dashboard. We can also set up customized unique campaigns targeting different services or demographics. Using our tracking software, we can optimize your marketing budget to maximize your results.

A custom designed Pay Per Click Campaign can bring you new clients, help you convert potential clients and increase revenue for your company. When combined with Call-Tracking and a Google Analytics Dashboard, we can continually monitor your ads, modify them as necessary and maximize your budget that you set aside for advertising.

Our Pay Per Click Ads Specialist can work with you to refine your search parameters, maximize your targeting audience so you aren’t wasting money on non-productive clicks. We can identify fraud when someone is trying to sabotage your marketing. We will help you strategically select the optimal keywords for you to produce the highest conversion ratio possible.

While Google is the largest viewership, we can even expand your marketing into Bing as well to spread out your marketing dollars farther. Your Dashboard will give you the exact number of views, clicks and conversions so you can refine your marketing strategy every few weeks so that it is staying profitable for you.

Once we get the initial campaign(s) set up for you, we will schedule regular meetings to ensure the ads are progressing in the right direction for you and we are continually monitoring competitors and demographics to help you get the best result.

There is an entire science to doing a pay-per-click campaign properly. Let our specialists explain to you the benefits of working with an experienced professional to get the highest converting and results-oriented ads going for your business. Contact us at Integrity Dental Marketing today for your free PPC assessment.

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