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Are you on social media? If you don’t have a presence either on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM in the year 2020, you could be behind the curve. These days 80% of your patients spend a minimum of 10-20 hours a week on social media. If you are visible, you will be memorable. If you are missing, they will have one less connection to you to create loyalty to your practice.

Different demographics seem to be attracted to different social media, so it’s good to cover the main ones. This could change again in 3-5 years, so keep on top of what is current. Post things that cause people to talk about you. Post fun events. Post things that are educational and relevant to your prospective patient base that you wish to share with them.

Some ideas for social media posts include mentioning local community events, holidays throughout the year, new products or services you offer, introducing a team member, hosting an event, conducting a survey or poll of your patients, asking questions that they can respond to, and having fun drawings to acknowledge special patients. Share the personality of the practice, involve your staff in the posts that you put up. Allow them to share something about them. Include staff meetings, staff activities, continuing education courses, or luncheons. Sometimes, creating short videos that show what your office is doing behind the scenes is good as well.

Try to plan out your marketing on social media for at least a quarter in advance because sometimes you can get busy and not have time to create new posts. Keep a binder for annual type marketing so next year it will be easier. Keep your posts fun.

Use the social media posts to drive more traffic to your website. Be sure to encourage an action on the viewers part from time to time to build your community!

YouTube and LinkedIn, while not technically considered social media platforms, should NOT be neglected for optimization. Since Google owns YouTube, there is a good chance that a well keyword-optimized post will get found. Making sure at least these two platforms are optimized with great photos, videos, accurate contact information is all critical.

Marketing on LinkedIn for patients may not be the best source of new clients, but it’s still a good idea to keep it updated for reputation management and presence. YouTube is a great place to host your videos. Number ONE, it’s free. Number TWO, it has a searchable database connected to Google that will allow people to find you. We can help you optimize, create and post your YouTube videos online for you!

Our social media experts at Integrity Dental Marketing do this full-time and can help you set up your optimized Facebook Business Page or Instagram Page and either help you create unique posts or we can handle it all together, again, so you can focus on your business! Contact us today!

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