Dental Practice Consulting

Are you running your dental practice, or is it running your life? As a leader of your dental practice, you deserve to be the leader, in fact you NEED to be the leader. Your staff are expecting it from you!

Running a dental practice today requires a completely different skill set than it did 40 years ago. You can’t just buy an office and equipment and start working. It requires marketing skills, leadership skills, personal psychology skills, financial management skills, and of course clinical skills.

When it comes to running a practice, having quality STAFF (team building skills), quality SYSTEMS (financial and office flow protocol), and quality control and ACCOUNTABILITY to mange all these systems and staff.

Over 30 years of experience brings you our practice management coach who can not only help you with the marketing part of your practice, but also the day-to-day management, setting up Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and empowering your team to help you take your office to that next level!

Whether you need assistance with:

  • Acquiring new patients
  • Proper Scheduling Techniques
  • Leadership and Management Skills
  • Phone Call Training and Conversion
  • Minimizing Cancellations and No-Shows
  • Setting Fee Schedules
  • Weaning off HMO or PPO Plans that are Pulling Your Practice Down
  • Case Presentation and Treatment Planning
  • Daily Task Manuals and Training Guides
  • Setting Up Trackers for Each Position in the Office
  • Purchasing a Practice or Selling Your Practice
  • Adding an Associate Doctor
  • Lowering Your Overhead
  • Improving Your Hygiene Department Productivity

We can show you how to run your practice with LOWER STRESS, MORE PROFITABILITY and HIGHER TREATMENT CASE ACCEPTANCE.

Practice coaching comes automatically with each website we build, but we also have a separate program to really set your practice on the right track to success.

Contact us today to find out about our IDM Practice Consulting!

Our Locations

We are based in El Dorado Hills, California and have offices throughout the United States.