Website Checkup

Have you given your website a checkup lately?

As dentists, we appreciate the value of periodic checkups for our patients, but how often do you take a serious look at your website to make sure it is current, reflects your current team, all the services you offer and has a easy-to-use navigation?

Technology in the online industry is changing as fast as it is in dentistry itself. A website that looked nice in the year 2001 today can be built in about an hour with a templated software program.

Then again, do you really want a templated website. Google frowns on those because they offer little original, authoritative content and often, you can find the exact same paragraphs, word for word, on multiple websites.

Approximately 80% of the websites that we have redesigned, the dentist either never looked at it after it was created 2-3 years earlier, or it discusses services that the office doesn’t even offer!

A significant number of them don’t promote the key procedures the office wishes to do more of, nor do they talk about why they are different! If you offer a service that makes a procedure easier than most of the dentists in your area, you should brag about it!

If you offer generous financing options, accept every dental plan under the sun or have a membership savings plan, do your patients know about it?

If you do porcelain veneers, dental implants, same-day porcelain crowns, do your patients know about it? Every office does general dentistry, did you do specialty training for three years to become more proficient in a particular procedure? Let the public know!

From a technical point of view, if your website has a poor navigation that is confusing, doesn’t allow REQUESTING AN APPOINTMENT, or is mobile friendly, you are going to be losing potential clients!

Patients like things to be easy- they want to text or email rather than call, they want “click to call” from their phones, they want Click Here for directions to your office.

People like brief video office tours so they can get to know you before they come in or choose your office. Many times, they enjoy seeing some of your before and after work, especially if they are thinking about doing cosmetic dentistry at your office.

They want to see photos of patients that “look like them” on your website getting work done by you.

How does your website compare to other local dentists? Do you rank on the first two pages of Google, Bing or even Yelp? If not, then you are in luck!

At INTEGRITY DENTAL MARKETING, for a limited time, we are offering a website checkup and online critique. If you received ONE additional patient from implementing any of the suggestions we might have, you would be ahead of the game.

Click this link to schedule you FREE WEBSITE and ONLINE PRESENCE AUDIT! (limited time offer – normally a $497 value!)

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