Dental Videos

Shhh! The secret is getting out! YouTube will host and play your videos publicly or privately for free! Not only that, Google owns YouTube. Therefore, if you label your videos correctly, put in proper keywords, tags, and original material into your videos, you can have a very inexpensive marketing program.

Or, you could do it for hosting team training videos, patient education videos, or marketing for new patients! If you aren’t currently using this venue, you are missing out on the huge upside potential for this media.

At Integrity Dental Marketing, we can give you ideas for creating marketing videos, and much more. We can even help you put them together and put animation into your logo or music in the background.

The advantage of putting them on YouTube is that they are seen by the public. Nearly 5 billion videos a day are viewed daily on YouTube! There are other video hosting services available as well. Most of those will not get your video shown as much or found as much (and most of them cost money.)

Contact us today to get started on creating videos for your Dental Practice!

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