Online Reputation Management

When was the last time you “searched yourself” online? Many dentists don’t take the time to find out that their name may be on up to 50 different directories or listings already! This is not just review sites, but insurance directories, chamber of commerce directories, dentist directories, professional organizations, academies, school directories and much more! Do they present you in the best light? Are they accurate? Are up-to-date with your information? Approximately 60-75% of the dentists we have investigated have between 2-15 inaccuracies online! This is often referred to as the Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) citation consistency. This leads to confusion for your clients and dilutes your online presence when you are listed at more than one address or if it has an old office or phone number that you don’t use anymore. It used to be extremely critical, the exact way your street name was listed, but during the last year or so, the search engines have gotten “smarter” and are accepting things like “245 Washington Boulevard, suite 7” as being the same as “245 Washington BLVD, STE #7”.

Many people feel it’s still best to make it read exactly the same on each directory. Another common confusion is when your company name is different from your personal name. How do you account for that when someone is looking up your personal name to find you but you aren’t listed? Then what happens if you change the name of the company, for example, if you get into a partnership situation? This is an extremely critical part of the factors to consider for your local SEO, especially with location-based searches.

In addition, many review directories that are up there may have inaccurate listings. Do you know how to correct them? Do you know how to remove bad reviews? Do you know how to remove duplicate listings? This type of detective work takes a lot of time and effort to get corrected. If you don’t pay attention to it, this could be costing you clients.

Having trouble getting your team on board encouraging Google or Yelp reviews? We got you covered. We can help you automate the entire process and free up your staff for doing more essential tasks like providing excellent care for your patients!

Getting your reputation cleaned up first, for some of our clients, was actually a priority over designing their new website, because many people will look at your reviews before they contact you! Let our skilled team at Integrity Dental Marketing assist you with this process – contact us today!

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